Norner in brief

Norner is a leading industrial polymer Research & Development centre for the polymer and plastics industry with over 40 years of experience. Norner currently has 94 employees from 16 nationalities and is in an exciting development.

Our business vision is to become the market leader in industrial R&D services within the development of innovative and sustainable polymer solutions in close cooperation with leading industry. Norner operates advanced laboratories, polymerisation units and processing pilot centre relevant for industrial scale operations. We want to create value for our customers, owner, and the society through innovation supporting UN's sustainability goals. 

We moved into a new technology centre in Porsgrunn 2022, where we also invest in new facilities, for the benefit of our customers and projects. 

Norner covers the whole polymer value chain from catalyst and process development for polymerisation, polymer modification, polymer additivation, industrial applications of polymer to innovative solutions for plastics in a circular economy. We provide R&D and technical services to various industry segments where innovative solutions of plastics and composites are requested. We are owned by SCG Chemicals, one of the largest integrated petrochemicals companies in Thailand and we have more than 700 customers in over 60 countries. 

Our efforts are based on expertise, knowledge and a continuous search for new opportunities together with our values; 


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