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Plastics processing equipment transforms the material into products and it is key to understand how the processing parameters and conditions influence the material in the making of products. Similarly it is key to understand the impact of polymer recipe and design on the product performance.

Norner processing pilot centre includes a wide range of relevant technologies for extrusion and moulding of plastics described below in detail.

The pilots enable us to carry out your processing studies, produce product prototypes and explore the impact of the polymer on processing and properties.

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Laboratory testing services

Norner provides high expertise in material and analytical testing, evaluation of physical and chemical properties, environmental influence on material properties, as well as plastic processing techniques.  

Our ISO 9001 certified laboratory ensures high quality testing with focus on health, environment and safety (HSE). 

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Research development and support at any step in the plastics market like catalyst, polymerisation, processing and product testing.

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