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Norner has long experience working with materials and developments for both rigid and flexible plastic packaging industry. We have the competence, equipment and capability required to be your technology partner in material selection, testing and product development.

RecyClass certification

Norner is a recognised laboratory for the RecyClass Protocol testing for HDPE and PP containers, and PE films.

RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that advances plastic packaging recyclability and ensures traceability and transparency of recycled plastic content in Europe.

Norner has been working together with RecyClass and Plastic Recyclers Europe for some years to  become both a certification body for recyclability of packaging and a recognized laboratory for their protocols of testing for recyclability.

Certification and online-tool

RecyClass Online Tool assesses the recyclability of plastic packaging and shows to what extent it is suitable for recycling, rating it with a class system from A to F.

The Tool can be used freely by the plastic industry to self-assess existing packaging or to stimulate the recyclability of innovative packaging concepts.


Contact our certified RecyClass experts:

Ronny Ervik

Ronny Ervik

Processing Expert

+ 47 915 93 043


Tanja Radusin

PhD, Senior Researcher

+47 94860446

RecyClass Certificate

RecyClass Certificate of Recognition- Norner

Norner is a recognised laboratory for the RecyClass Protocol testing for HDPE and PP containers, and PE films.

Norner key services in consumer goods

  • Packaging development and improvement
  • Projects in our processing laboratory
  • Comprehensive testing laboratory for consumer, food and medical packaging
  • Development of sustainable solutions with biobased or recycled materials

Norner is a member of: European Plastic Pact, CEFLEX and Emballasjeforeningen

Norner Barrier Calculator

The advanced OTR, WVTR and CO2TR Barrier Calculators with several features where you can select between different geometries; film, cup, bottle and cuboid. This enables you to simulate your target package design. The calculating models gives you estimates of the O2 (oxygen), Water Vapour and CO2 Transmission Rate of various plastics packaging material like PP, PE, PET, PA and EVOH.

Free version - all four calculators are offered.Payable version - include several features.

Try the popular Barrier Calculator


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