Norner is an independent, global development and test centre, active in the whole plastics value chain from advanced catalytic polymerisation to end products in several application areas. We have an extensive industrial experience and we support customers innovation projects and development. This is exemplified for our key disciplines below.

Innovation projects can mean that Norner takes responsibility for the full development or that Norner deliver parts or studies to our client. What is common for these projects is that they involve many laboratories who are working together with the researchers in multidiscipline projects.

When needed, our broad industry and academic network can be used to support value creation for our customers to have a “one-stop-shop” for innovation projects.

We are active in funded research and innovation projects and helping our clients with applications for such grants. Typically, we are involved in 10-15 funded research project at any time and these range from local and nationally funded projects to large EU funded R&I projects.

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Art is valuable and need care to last. The preservation of objects made with plastics are less understood, and the risk is reduced longevity.

Solutions for flexible plastic packaging for food, consumer and industrial products.

Sustainable packaging with focus on recyclability is currently a highly relevant topic, both in Europe and globally.

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