Plastics materials for flexible packaging


Solutions for flexible plastic packaging for food, consumer and industrial products.

We have high focus on innovation and technical solutions in processing and products of plastic materials for flexible packaging.

  • Flexible plastic packaging for food, consumer and industrial products is a large and important business. A wide range of films, laminates and packaging applications require specific physical properties for different demands.
  • These properties are influenced by the choice of material type and grade, material recipes and additives, processing, lamination and printing.
  • It becomes increasingly important to understand these relationships vs. requirements for the packers, end users and legislation.
  • We have the competence, equipment and capability required to support the film industry and be a technology partner in material, process and product development, troubleshooting and support.

Norner services

Material evaluation and selection

  • Industrial scale film extrusion trials, product and material testing, international test standards, raw material quality, selection strategy and harmonisation, material recycling.

Product and process development

  • Operational excellence, onsite technical support, product development, improvement and optimisation, harmonisation of additives and masterbatches and small scale compounding.

Norner offer

  • Quality improvement
  • Product and failure investigations
  • Tailor made seminars and training
  • IPR strategy and assistance
  • REACH and EU food directives

Norner confidence

  • Norner is determined to develop and deliver sustainable solutions to any packaging challenges by focusing on all steps in the value chain.
  • Our broad approach allows us to influence packaging development starting from polymer type, design and manufacturing process via the additives to the actual processing and packaging application. This is ensured by the wide range of facilities and competencies in Norner.
  • Our lab and facilities operate under ISO 9001 and a high quality internal control system.

Our insight

Food and consumer packaging

  • Gas barrier fresh food and vacuum packaging, deep freeze, moisture barrier dry food packs, various prefabricated bags, stand up pouches, laminated films, tissue wraps, collation shrink films, labels, printing.

Industrial packaging

  • Shipping sacks, pallet shrink and stretch hoods, liners, compressed packs, security pouches, bubble films, stretch wrap.

Oriented films

  • Mono- and biaxially oriented films.

IPR issues

  • Patenting process, applications, documentation and freedom to operate investigations.

Industrial network

  • Extensive network of industrial partners in the film and flexible packaging industry, machinery and material suppliers enables improved and faster developments.

Our facilities

W&H 3 layer coex line

  • Extruders 50/60/50mm barrier screw
  • LD/LLD Die 200mm with 1,2 and 2,5mm die gaps
  • HDPE Die 160mm with 1,5mm die gap
  • Air Cooling IBC and Chilled air capability
  • Corona treater
  • Double winder 1200mm

Collin lab scale mono line

Hosokawa Alpine MDO line

  • Line for converting blown and cast films by machine direction oriantation.
  • 2m wide and 200m/min capacity.
  • Corona treater

Film test centre

  • Comprehensive lab with modern test equipment and high reproducibility for film properties like: tensile, impact, tear resistance, puncture resistance, elasticity, gas barrier, optical, sealing, hot-tack, creep resistance, coefficient of friction, shrinkage, shrink force.

Other material testing

  • Volatiles, emissions and migration determination rheology and advanced molecular structure light and electron microscopy laboratory additives & composition analysis.
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