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Currently, there are no vacant positions at Norner. However, we are always open to connecting with potential candidates.

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About Norner

Norner is a leading industrial polymer Research & Development centre for the polymer and plastics industry with over 40 years of experience.

Norner currently has 94 employees from 18 nationalities and is experiencing an exciting development. Our business vision is to become the market leader in industrial R&D services within the development of innovative and sustainable polymer solutions in close cooperation with international industry. 

Norner has a very advanced laboratory, test and development centre of 6000 m2. We want to create value for our customers and the owner, and for the society through innovation supporting UN's sustainability goals.

Norner focuses on green and sustainable industrial development with clients to create solutions where plastics can contribute to a more sustainable world. 

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Meet some of our employees

Director R&D Catalyst & Polymer Technology

From: Iran

Lives in: Vessia, Porsgrunn

Senior Researcher

From: India/USA

Lives in: Vessia, Porsgrunn

Principal Researcher

From: Øvrebø, Kristiansand

Lives in: Stathelle

Senior Consultant

From: Søgne, Kristiansand

Lives in: Porsgrunn

Senior Researcher at Norner AS

From: Garagoa, Colombia

Lives in: Hovet, Porsgrunn, Norway

Senior Researcher

From: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lives in: Skjelsvik, Porsgrunn, Norway

Principal Researcher

From: Askøy, Norway

Lives in: Porsgrunn, Norway

Senior Engineer at Norner AS

From: Porsgrunn, Norway

Lives in: Porsgrunn, Norway

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