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Blow moulding

Norner has a well equipped blow moulding test centre and with advanced laboratory.

Extrusion blow moulding of plastics is one of the major industries for the production of a wide range of bottles, cannisters, containers as well as hollow plastic parts.

Norner has long experience in this technology and the polymers used and we have recently invested in anew extrusion blow moulding line.

Magic fully electric CoEx, 3 layer ABC

  • Mould size – max 3 litre
  • Variety of moulds available


  • Monolayer bottles
  • CoEx 3 layers (ABC)
  • Extruders 3x38 mm – L/D 24
  • Parison profiling
  • Leakage test in-line

Processing trials/results

Material evaluations

  • Material/resin testing
  • Material selection and verification
  • Evaluation of recycled material
  • Quality improvement
  • Recipe development
  • Bench marking and competitive analysis and evaluation
  • Our EBM machine is well suited for processing of polyolefins.

Processability evaluations

  • Optimisation and down-gauging
  • Raw material quality and consistency
  • Product and process development
  • Processability and its dependency of the grade of polymer
  • New polymer grade development and assessments
  • Effect of polymer additives on processing and product performance
  • Process and parameter development for up scaling
  • Testing recycled materials
  • RecyClass assessment of recyclability
  • Technical support


  • Medical packaging
  • HIC (Household Industrial Containers)
  • Liquid food
  • Technical blow moulding

Prototype production

We have several round and square shaped moulds available in different styles and surface in the range of 0,5-1 litre.

The line can also easily be adapted to run new moulds from customers.

Bottle testing

These bottles can be tested at Norner with a range of tests described

Material testing
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