Polymer analysis

Norner is a laboratory with more than 40 years of industrial experience in polymer analysis which ensure high competence for our wide range of analytical techniques.

The polymer analysis laboratory provide results which enable us and our clients to understand better the details of the polymer structure and composition which enable interpretation of the polymer performance in processing and final products.

These services are used to analyse important features like:

  • Viscosity and flow behaviour of plastic melt
  • Melting and crystallisation
  • Molecular weight distribution
  • Polymer composition and additives
  • Polymer behaviour when exposed to wide range of temperatures
  • Structural identification and solubility

We offer:

  • We can perform special customer demands as part of larger development or technological projects.
  • Our wide range of tests are according to ISO or EN norms whenever possible.
  • We can identify material failures or weaknesses in both plastic parts, films and other materials.
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