Pipe testing

Norner has a wide offer within the pipe segment. This includes material expertise, lifetime predictions and testing.

The test offer includes testing of welding from the main welding techniques. Norner also has a deep competence in recycling, both mechanical and chemical.

  • Identification of suitable sources for recyclable materials and use of these in relevant pipe applications
  • Test of recycled pipe materials
  • Lifetime calculation: Accelerated tests using Climate chambers and Weather-O-Meters (WOM)
  • Additive / Stabilization expertise

Norner offers different mechanical tests:

  • Tensile strength for butt fusion – ISO13953
  • Ring stiffness PE pipes – ISO9969
  • Ring stiffness GRP pipes – ISO7685
  • Carbon black content – ISO6964
  • Pigment or Carbon black dispersion – ISO1855
  • Dimension / Geometrical – ISO3126
  • Flexural modulus – ISO178
  • Charpy impact pipe – ISO9854
  • Determination of the tensile strength and failure mode of test pieces from a butt-fused joint - ISO 13953
  • Peel decohesion test for polyethylene (PE) electrofusion assemblies of nominal outside diameter greater than or equal to 90 mm - ISO 13954
  • Decohesion test of polyethylene (PE) saddle fusion joints – Evaluation of ductility of fusion joint interface by tear test - ISO 13956

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