Food and Healthcare

Norner offers testing of plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and medical devices.

  • The testing is performed according to the harmonized EU regulations: Commission directive and amendments.
  • Norner carry out a wide range of testing service related to packaging and medical applications.
  • Norner cooperate with other laboratories and technology centers which enable us to offer an even broader range of test and development services.

The healthcare market has stringent requirements for product safety, quality and consistency.

  • Norner has broad knowledge in international regulations.
  • The authorities require extensive documentation regarding regulatory compliance for materials used in pharmaceutical applications.
  • Norner has long experience in polymers used in healthcare packaging and medical devices. Being an independent plastics institute Norner operates as a cooperation partner to clients.

We give advice regarding selection and testing of different  polymer grades available in the market for medical applications. Read more about Healthcare - innovative polymer solutions.

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Norner has a high level of expertise in testing. Read about other testing service areas.

Our strategic advisory team help clients to be successful in strategic choices, to create added value, to achieve a superior cost position and to set up innovation organization and tools. Please contact us for advice.

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