Autoclave exposure testing

Norner has expertise within high pressure and high temperature testing under critical conditions by using advanced autoclaves. 

Norner is an innovation partner with advanced test facilities and assists clients in selecting the optimal material for your needs.  We are performing market studies for clients as well as finding cost optimal material solutions that meet even the stringent requirements.

Autoclave testing services

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Large autoclave capacity
  • Accelerated ageing in subsea conditions
  • Medias as artificial seawater, Norsok fluids, Sweet/Sour service, well stimulation chemicals
  • High pressure high temperature testing
  • Sour gas testing up to 50% H2S
  • Protective coating testing at extreme conditions
  • Rapid gas decompression (RGD)
  • Life estimation using Arrhenius method
  • Change in mechanical properties
  • Swell
  • Bespoke testing

Typical standards:

  • Norsok M-710 incl. RGD
  • ISO 23936 part 1 (Thermoplastics) and 2 (Elastomer)
  • ISO 12736. Wet thermal insulation coatings for pipelines, flow lines, equipment and subsea structures
  • ISO 10423. Annex F. Drilling and production equipment - Wellhead and Christmas tree equipment
  • API, CSA and NACE standards


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