Catalyst synthesis and development

Catalyst synthesis and development

Norner provides competence and capability to be your partner in catalyst development and characterisation.

PE and PP polymerisation catalysts

  • Synthesis and optimisation of ZN, Single Site and Chromium catalysts
  • Catalyst heterogenisation on inorganic/polymeric carriers
  • Good know-how on catalyst scale-up from laboratory to industrial scale (from grams to 100 kg’s)

Inert handling

  • In our laboratories we are working under strictly inert conditions; e.g. O2 level <0,1 ppm
  • We have long experience on handling gases and liquids inertly under high pressure and temperature (flammable, corrosive and reactive chemicals - hydrocarbons, aluminoxanes, metal alkyls and halides)
  • Several glove boxes available (under nitrogen; argon etc. also possible)
  • Welded lines for transportation of chemicals to reactors
  • Advanced purification systems for the raw materials
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