High temperature thermal insulation for deepwater pipelines (XT180)

Project duration: 2017- 2020

The project will develop a deepwater and high temperature thermal pipe insulation system capable of withstanding 180 °C fluid and 3000 m sea depth. The insulation system will be a fundamental element in future technology for multiphase pipe transport and flow assurance. 

Thermal insulation of subsea oil and gas pipelines is critical in assuring flow in pipeline fluid transport. Insulations prevent flow reduction by keeping the temperature of the fluid high, to avoid solids precipitation and clogging the pipe during production shut downs and towards terminations. The maximum temperature rating for insulations on deepwater flowlines is currently 150 °C.

There is an increasing trend towards deeper waters and higher temperatures for new fields in Norway and internationally. To make these resources more feasible, higher temperature insulation is required. Shawcor Norway, located in Orkanger is the primary supplier of wet thermal insulation to the Norwegian continental shelf. The wet insulation used on the highest temperature flowline ever was produced by Shawcor Norway, and there is a need to develop even higher temperature resistant insulation to meet the coming challenges in the market.

Norner contribution

R&D-partner for material development, develop test methods, testing and qualification.

Project title: High temperature thermal insulation for deepwater pipelines (XT180)

  • Project Duration: 2017–2020
  • Project owner: Shawcor Norway AS
  • Programme:  Petromaks2 (The Research Council of Norway)

Project partners:

  • Shawcor Norway AS
  • Norner Research AS

Norner project responsible: Espen Ommundsen

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