Next generation polymer based thermal insulation material.

Project duration: 2016-2018

Published: 6. september 2022 12:50 - Last changed: 26. mai 2023 12:43

Project name: Next generation polymer based thermal insulation material /VIKOTHERM R3

Program: PETROMAKS 2

Project coordinator: Trelleborg Offshore Norway (TON)

Project partners: Norner

Project duration: 2016–2019

Project description: Development of novel rubber thermal insulation material for Subsea Production Structures (SPS’s) in general and Christmas Trees (XMT’s) in particular.

The new insulation material can be installed at the shipyards where the equipments are manufactured and to a lower cost compared to equivalent insulation systems. Further, the new insulation material will have equal or better insulation capacity compared to the insulation materials available in todays market. The new material will be designed to have a lifetime of at least 30 years.

Norner project responsible: Katrin Nord Varhaug

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