Soil Film

Develop a biodegradable sprayable mulch film.

Project duration: 2014-2016

"Utilisation of by-products of food industry for development of a liquid biodegradable mulch film to control weeds in row crop protection (SOIL FILM)” has been approved in the Bionær program.   

  • Bioforsk is project owner and 4 industrial partners with 4 institutes will participate in the project.
  • The project intends to utilize low-value side-streams of Norwegian food industry in developing a biodegradable sprayable mulch film.

Project title: Utilisation of by-products of food

Project duration: 2014–2016

Programme: Bionær

Project owner: Bioforsk – R&D participant and project owner

Project partners

  • Norner Research AS – R&D participant
  • VTT, Finland – R&D participant
  • University of Nebraska, USA – R&D participant
  • Tommen Gram Folie AS – industry participant
  • Norilia AS – industry participant
  • Bama Gruppen AS – industry participant
  • Gartnerhallen SA – industry participant

Norner project responsible: Ravindra Chowreddy

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