PO-Cross 2 project summary

Crosslinked Polyolefin with increased mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.

Project duration: 2010-2012

Published: 6. september 2022 12:53 - Last changed: 26. mai 2023 12:53

Norner is a part of Eurostars PO-Cross 2.

  • Eureka ranked PO-CROSS 2 as the highest ranked project from a total of 348  project applications in 2011.
  • Eurostar has approved the polyolefin crosslinking project "PO-CROSS 2", which is based on Nexam Chemical technology.
  • The project aims toward increasing properties in Polyethylene and Polypropylene by using a heat activated crosslinking technology.
  • Crosslinking will be done in existing final processing equipment with only minor requirements on modification.

Project titel: Crosslinked Polyolefin with increased Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Properties.

Project duration: 2010–2012

Programme: Eurostars

Project owner: Norner/Nexam Ch AB

Project partners:

  • Nexam Chemical
  • ABB
  • IRPC
  • Norner
  • Repsol

Norner contact person is: Research Director Morten Lundquist

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