Next generation extrusion of lay-flat hoses

Produce hoses of new materials into new markets

Project duration: 2018-2021

The main objective of the project is to automate and increase flexibility and control of the extrusion process so that the company can:

  • Produce hoses of new materials into new markets.
  • Significantly improve quality and reduce production costs of existing products

Project duration: 2018–2021

Program: BIA

Project coordinator:

  • Fenner Mandals – Owner of the project and industry participant

Project R&D partners:

  • Norner Research
  • Teknova

Norner Contribution:

  • Norner’s main task is within the workpackage related to material selection and development. Norner is responsible for the development, characteriazation and testing of the new materials that will be extruded as hoses. 

Norner project responsible: Katrin Nord-Varhaug

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