Biovalorization of Marine Raw Rest Materials into Polyhydroxyalkanoate-Based Products

Project duration: 2017-2019

In the project, unutilized rest raw materials from Norway’s fishing industry will be used as a feedstock to produce bacterial polymers, called  polyhydroxyalkanoates. These polymers can be used in bioplastic production, but can also serve as a source of valuable monomers. Several fermentation strategies will be employed to convert various different types of marine raw rest materials into biopolymers, which will then be assessed for use as environmentally-friendly bioplastics and/or as a source for high-value monomers.


  • Norwegian Research Council, BIOTEK2021 

Project owner:

  • Norut Nothern Research Institute AS

Project partners:

  • Norut Northern Research Institute AS
  • Norinnova Technology Transfer AS
  • Nofima AS
  • Norner Research AS
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • University of Tromsø

Norner contribution:

  • Norner is responsible for characterization of polymer and processing properties of polyhydroxyalkanoate samples prepared by project partners as well as for demonstration of the potential of polyhydroxyalkanoates in relevant applications.

Norner project responsible: Petri Myllytie

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