Marine Raw Rest Materials PHA

Biopolymers made from fish industry side streams

Project duration: 2015-2016

The project will investigate the possibility to use cheap rest raw materials from the Norwegian fish industry as a substrate for microbial production of high value bioplastic (PHAs) and biosurfactants. The planned inventions will enable cost competitive production of bio-based polymers from a hitherto unused rest raw material.

Project title:  Valorizing Local Marine Raw Rest Materials into High-Value Bioplastics and Biosurfactants.

  • Project Duration: 2015–2016
  • Project owner: NORUT (Northern Research Institute)
  • Programme: MABIT (an industrial R&D program for Marine Biotechnology in Northern Norway).

Project partners:

  • NORUT(Northern Research Institute)
  • Nofima AS
  • Norner Research AS
  • Nordic Pharma AS
  • Brødrene Karlsen AS

Norner project responsible: Petri Myllytie

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