Biodegradable plastics for marine applications

Project duration: 2020 - 2028

Published: 6. september 2022 13:22 - Last changed: 26. mai 2023 12:45

Project description:

Dsolve aims to reduce plastic litter and associated problems (ghost fishing, macro and microplastic) caused by the fishery and aquaculture industries. The traditional plastics used for fishery and aquaculture industries have long self-life in marine industry and lead to plastic pollution and ghost fishing when they are lost in sea. Replacement of traditional plastics used in fishing gears, gear components and aquaculture equipment with new marine biodegradable materials leads to reduction of such plastics pollution and ghost fishing. The goal of Dsolve is to replace traditional plastics with new biodegradable materials for fishery and aquaculture applications.  

Norner contribution:

Norner will lead one work package. The main objective of this work package is to develop a range of biodegradable plastic materials with controlled biodegradability and the properties needed for products used in fishing and aquaculture industries (e.g., twines and netting, ropes, gillnets, coatings, pots and traps, foils and boxes, pipes and connectors). The developed materials should meet a range of processing and performance requirements, including biodegradability. 

Project Coordinator: UiT - Arctic University of Norway 

Programme: Centre for Research-based Innovation

Research partners: Arctic University of Norway, Norner Research AS, SINTEF Ocean, SINTEF Industry, Norsus, SALT Lofoten AS + 3 international research partners.

Other partners: About 14 industrial partners from fisheries, aquaculture and gear suppliers, as well as several public agencies and organizations from the fishery and aquaculture sector are also participating in the centre.  

Norner project responsible:  Ravindra Reddy Chowreddy

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