Developing novel solutions for the aquaculture industry.

Project duration: 2014-2016

The project AquaFarmControl aims to develop an innovative integrated solution to enable Precision Livestock Farming for the global aquaculture industry and to eliminate the environmental and economical problem of fish escapees in the case of a fish pen breach. New skills will be developed that will push forward Europe’s competitive edge within the sector and benefit the involved SMEs commercially.

Project title: Developing novel solutions for the aquaculture industry

Project duration: 2013–2015

Project owner: Seafood Security

Programme: The project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA Research Executive Agency  (FP7-SME-2013) under grant agreement No 606061.

Project partners:

  • Ardtoe Marine Research Facility
  • CELOPLÁS - Plásticos para a Indústria, S.A. 
  • Acreo Swedish ICT AB
  • K314
  • Data Respons Norge AS
  • Norner AS
  • GMA – Gesellschaft für Marine Aquakultur mbH

Norner project responsible: Espen Ommundsen

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