How Norner deals with the new data protection legislation (GDPR)


Published: 7. september 2022 11:31 - Last changed: 23. juni 2023 10:50

Norner and our employees have many industrial customers, potential customers and contacts at companies in various levels of the plastics value chain and stakeholders. We have a continuous desire to keep in touch with these contacts to follow up on requests, quotations, purchases and deliveries. We also send news, annual customer magazine and invitations with the purpose of giving these contacts an advantageous help and support. For this reason, we have a legitimate interest of managing contact information. Such communication is only effective when we can contact the correct and relevant persons direct and managing contact information is therefore necessary.

We manage only such contact information related to the employer. Together with names we also manage common information like telephone numbers, e-mail address and the employers name and address – all related to the employment at the contact company or organisation. The extent of information is therefore limited. Our management of contact information is related to our common business and not to the private matters of the contact persons. When our communication require consent according of the laws of marketing this shall be ensured before information will be sent. Our management of the contact information is obvious and foreseeable.

Any contact person who receive our requests, newsletters or similar can any time request this to stop by contacting us.

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